New Patient Integrative (Functional/Holistic/Restorative) Visit:

It is very important to treat you as the individual the Lord created you to be. In order to do that, we need to get to know you. Therefore, you will receive a detailed medial history form to complete before your first visit. It is extremely important for you to do this prior to your visits and submit it to us in a timely manner because it allows us to optimize your time with us. We want to come into our first meeting knowing you and having an understanding of your needs so that we may focus on those aspects of you that can not be adequately represented on paper. In addition, this will allow us to begin steps during your very first visit to help you achieve your goals. This is a journey and we want every stop to be meaningful and produce fruit. Your consultation time the the doctor will vary depending on which option you choose. Your consultation time with the doctor have to be at least 30 minutes in duration to be effective providing you have completed the assessment.

New Patient Acute or Urgent Care

These visits can be made as same day appointments and are 15 minutes in duration. These are traditional medicine visits and best serve complaints such as UTI, sore throat, cough, allergies, rashes, and sinus infections to name a few. Refer to our services section for a complete list. These are video based visits. We treat patients 3 years and beyond but do realize some symptoms may be better addressed in an in person setting and will notify you if that is the case. These visits can only be scheduled with Dr. Lanika.

Equipment needed to assist your virtual visit

 Blood pressure cuff, thermometer, scale and for ear complaints purchase a digital otoscope from amazon (approximately $10) or local store
Optional equipment: pulse oximeter.

We encourage you to maintain a relationship with a local in person provider to provide services which are not able to be obtained over the video such as Pap smears and prostate exams. Dr. Lanika does not maintain hospital admitting privileges and we do not offer 24/7 care access. You should call 911 in the case of an emergency.

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