At Healing Leaves, we bring you a practical solution to the occurrences of problems like coughing, i.e., through restorative, holistic, and functional medicine.

A problem common to a lot of people is coughing. The ease with which it can start bothering you can be difficult to comprehend, and its effects can be pervasive. You might find that you suffer from this problem without even realizing how much it affects your daily life. The sickness is understated to the extent that it doesn’t even mark itself as a problem in modern culture and everyday life. It is thought to be natural or an extension of another underlying disease that needs to be treated first, therefore entirely escaping attention until it becomes a noticeable problem in the form of something particularly uncomfortable like pertussis.

At Healing Leaves, we bring you a practical solution to the occurrences of problems like coughing, i.e., through restorative, holistic, and functional medicine. Our Bible integrated medication process, and a sound belief in the miracles of the Lord Christ makes the process of healing very conversant and natural to the healed and is sure to bring adequate results.

If you are bothered by a persistent problem of coughing, making your life difficult, it is time you pay attention to it before it becomes a bigger problem. Do not avoid your symptoms; coughing can be a particularly nasty problem all by itself.

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What Are Your Coughing Signs Telling You?

A dry hacking cough is just a normal process of clearing the nasal pathway of irritants or ingested fluids or food. But, coughing can be a part of living in a dangerously polluted atmosphere as well. People who are smokers or work in environments with dangerous substances such as lead and asbestos cough to clear the air pathways of such substance deposition in the lungs or other parts of the respiratory system. Coughing can also occur because of a viral infection such as the upper respiratory infection affecting the nose and throat or a contagious disease like chickenpox. People with asthma have a common problem of coughing continuously and requiring the use of inhalers. 

There are various types of coughs, such as wet cough, dry cough, croup cough, and violent coughing fits. The symptoms must be identified for them to be treated accordingly. Coughing can be symptomatic of many different diseases and needs to be paid adequate attention to when it crops up.

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How Coughs Are Normally Treated?


Allopathic medicine effectively treats ailments like cough, cold, and fever by quickly alleviating the symptoms (and not targeting the source). Indeed, cough medications work magically for some patients, but it might not be the case for all. OTC cough medications, including antitussives and expectorants, alter your body’s natural defense mechanism to fight inflammation or irritation. However, prolonged use can have serious side effects on your body. It can affect your hormonal and endocrinal system, and in most cases, work to subside the symptoms only temporarily.

Talk to our specialists at Healing Leaves to understand how your current medications’ side effects may be weighing you down in treating the condition of a simple problem.

The Solutions Available in the Market

We can find a variety of expectorants and cough syrups in the market, touting themselves as the solution to coughing. Often tasting like putrid liquid gelatin, the effects of these medicines are common to behold, making the cough disappear. However, it is entirely unknown as to what problem in the body they have precisely treated. It is extremely common to find an entire segment of the market dedicating themselves to the propaganda of cough syrups, specifically the practitioners of the medical field. Doctors commonly prescribe these, and the patient ingests them for immediate relief to the coughing problem that they wish to end fast. But, the problem is, if we do not understand what could be the underlying cause, how we can arrive at a long-term solution.

Contact Healing Leaves specialists if you do not wish to try OTC medications or see no relief with them. We will help you determine how holistic, restorative and functional medicine approaches may be suitable for you.


The Natural Solution to Coughs That We Provide

 Through a belief in the restorative powers of the Lord, we have arrived at the conjunction of functional, holistic, and healing medicines, which is a trifecta of healing techniques based on the use of pharmaceuticals, ingredients of natural composition and use of botanicals and natural treatments to correct the causes of the disease. It would be a misconception to assume that we are against the practice of traditional medicine. In fact, we have faith in all that the Lord has faith in, and we are only making the treatment of coughs easier with the belief in the mysterious workings of our Savior. We must acknowledge that in situations where traditional medicine might have left you feeling helpless or even more anxious, compassionate treatments based on the natural and holistic methodology can often work wonders. Holistic Medicine aims at improving the physical, mental, and emotional state of the human being, taking into account all the factors affecting the condition of the patient. In addition, functional medicine aims at fighting the root causes of the problem.

Trusting Healing Leaves is the Final Answer


When you come to us seeking relief, we will ensure that your faith does not go unfound. A cough can be a trivial problem or a large one, but our approach to medicine ensures that the problem can be fully tackled from its root.

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