Healing Leaves brings you an easy and sustainable solution to colds through the power of restorative, holistic, and functional medicine.

It is so easy to catch a common cold – maybe not for everyone, but some certainly do multiple times. A cold is perceived as innocuous, extremely common, and typically does not leave a latent impact on the body. We come across patients every day showing the symptoms of colds like coughing, sneezing, running nose. Some show mild symptoms, while others have symptoms that bother them a lot. It is also easy to catch a cold from another person because it is a contagious infection and can spread through physical contact, air when someone sneezes or coughs, and even through mediums like infected water, saliva, etc. Suffice it to say that colds are a prevalent health concern.

Healing Leaves brings you an easy and sustainable solution to colds through the power of restorative, holistic, and functional medicine. If you haven’t witnessed the potential of our collaborative approach of medical techniques, here is where we focus on the whole person, identify the core of the problem and focus on the most natural and organic ways to find a cure. We also have a strong belief in the miracles of the Lord and ensure that only through the assistance of faith in him, that we deliver the best cure to our patients.

A mild case of cold or a major one does not matter; what matters is that you find what is persistently causing you to remain unhealthy and find a solution to your problems with the assistance of our experts in these matters.

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Our healing experts are entirely at your disposal at Healing Leaves PLLC based in Rowlett, TX.

Colds are one of the oldest infections for humans.

Colds are an age-old problem. The most common variety of the cold is the common cold, a viral infection of the nose and throat that can essentially happen to anyone. As has been mentioned before, it is harmless, lasting for only a couple of days to a week or two weeks at the most. It can be contracted through different means like physical contact, airborne respiratory droplets, touching a contaminated surface, or through fluids like saliva.


The symptoms it shows are also entirely obvious such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and congestion in the chest. A case of common colds is easily treatable through various homemade remedies and typically does not require a doctor’s intervention. The cold is cured at the end of its cycle, and most treatments can only assist in reducing the impact of symptoms in the patient so that the discomfort does not become intolerable.

Talking with our experts at Healing Leaves can equip you with more information about common colds, what causes such infections, and the duration of the condition in the patient.

Severe Cases of Colds

Severe cases of colds can require consultation with a doctor or a trained medical professional, in this case, one of our Healing Leaves specialists. It can be easy to dismiss a severe case of colds as one of the mild cases of common cold, leaving it untreated in the hope that it would resolve by itself.

Signs like high fever or even the usual symptoms in high severity indicate that the infection of cold is not typical and requires assistance from a trained professional. Especially in the case of children, who are susceptible to catching a cold from their family members or a contaminated school environment, it is essential to see that the problem does not worsen beyond measure. The immune systems of children are weak because of which they may be especially vulnerable.

Even in adults, the problem of colds may be severe because they aren’t eating right, are stressed, are not consuming enough fluids to hydrate themselves, or have another underlying problem that requires examination and a comprehensive diagnosis.

If you have persistent cold symptoms, please chat with our specialists at Healing Leaves about the possible dangers of a severe cold. Book an appointment now!

The Role of Traditional Drugs and the Power of Belief

There are a lot of traditional drugs which treat the signs of a common cold. Paracetamols have long played a role in treating high fever, cough, and cold, and they have been relied upon to an extent where they are ubiquitous. Doctors recommend Aspirin, Afrin, Sudafed, or Tylenol to curb cold symptoms. Deficiency of Vitamin C is also commonly attributed to the occurrence of a common cold, because of which it is customary to take Vitamin C tablets or syrups. Drugs like Cetcip alleviate the symptoms of coughing and sneezing in case of a cold. In a nutshell, we have several remedies to symptoms of the common cold in the market, and it is indeed a scarce phenomenon to be scared of the signs of cold when they appear in an individual.

However, this begs the question as to the role of the power of belief in such a situation. If you and I believe that your condition can get healed by faith in the Lord, then doesn’t it become apparent that it will be so? With the prescription of these traditional pharmaceuticals, we have to recognize that firm faith in the divine can also work wonders. If you believe that you will get well, then how can you not. On the contrary, if you keep popping pills but have no faith in how they affect or react to your body, the absence of determination and willpower to fight the disease negatively impacts your body. The Power of Belief works wonderfully.

Contact Healing Leaves experts to understand how the traditional role of pharmaceuticals is supplemented by faith in the wonders of our Lord. We can also help you determine how holistic, restorative and functional medicine approaches may be suitable for you.

The Natural Solution to Colds Provided By Us at Healing Leaves

It is essential to understand that pharmaceuticals are not the end of the game for treating colds. Through the approach of restorative, holistic, and functional medicine, we have discovered new pathways to tackling the infection of the common cold in innovative ways. They not only yield results but also make sure that the potency of your homemade remedies is increased manifold. 

Restorative medicine can improve how natural treatments and botanicals interact with your body to make the problem of colds disappear without any chemical involvement. Similarly, to avoid OTC drug prescription, we have holistic and functional medicine that focuses on the whole body and targets the root of the problematic common cold. It minimizes the impact of the cold on the body and restores your body’s strength to fight the disease. It is a collaborative, compassionate, and natural approach to a situation where traditional medicines may only work in conventional ways and respond to the symptoms.

You Can Trust Healing Leaves.

When you come to us seeking relief, we will ensure that your faith does not go unfound. A cold can be a trivial problem or a large one, but our approach to medicine makes for a sustained fight against the infection.

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