Chronic Conditions

Our specialists seek to restore an individual’s well-being with all our heart and hope rooted in the divine.

According to the CDC, chronic illnesses are most prevalent in the United States and lead to substantial health care costs and lost wages. Millions of Americans live with chronic illnesses. Around 85% of older adults suffer from at least one chronic disorder, making their life miserable.

You might be knowing at least one person in your social circle suffering from a disorder that they might have to live with for the rest of their life. Perhaps, you might be swimming in those waters, too, deciding the best treatments to adopt or the medications to consume. If that is the scenario, don’t fret, you are not alone. Most of the population is trying to stay afloat in this enormous, ever-expanding ocean.

At Healing Leaves PLLC, what can we do for you to help you lead a quality life? Our specialists seek to restore an individual’s well-being with all our heart and hope rooted in the divine. We maintain a spiritual and therapeutic relationship with all our patients and render compassionate and personalized care.

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What Is A Chronic Illness?

It is any health condition that can last up to a year and go on for many more. If you have a chronic illness, it may be defined as an ongoing, generally incurable condition. Thyroiddiabetesarthritis, heart problems, asthma, and mental health illnesses are common chronic conditions. These limit your everyday activities, affect your mood, and leave you with feelings of frustration. You would require continuous medical attention to help manage the symptoms and not worsen your condition.

Living With a Chronic Illness

The stress of living, loving, and working with a chronic illness is for real. It is an “invisible” illness that often gets you ridiculed and come across as overdramatic. You might feel slow and weary, even with the most basic adulting tasks. You can be low and unpredictable. You could also feel lazy and incompetent. Besides, work and family life can also get debilitating.

When you are chronically getting sick, self-doubt and exhaustion often rule your life. Moreover, others doubt if you are really ill, they question your intentions, your potential, your commitments, and eventually, you start feeling worthless yourself. One day you are pumped with energy and capable of conquering the world, the next day, you struggle even to get up and brush your teeth, forget about getting dressed for work, groceries, or travel. When your capabilities and temperament fluctuate so dramatically, you begin to suspect your grip on reality.

To be honest, none of it is your fault, especially when you gave it time, understood your emotions, yet got no help. However, somewhere on the inside, you can’t help but wonder if somehow life is being too cruel on you and it might all be your fault.

But you know what, you can take steps to live a quality life. All it will take is the guidance of a professional who trusts you and vice-versa and the ability to never give up. Start small, but hop onto the journey of healing your chronic illnesses. If hopping seems too tiring, we will hold you by your hand and be your caregivers in figuring out the right and most lasting treatments for you.

Why Is Coping So Difficult?

When you have flu or cold, for instance, or even an acute illness like bronchitis, you know that you will eventually feel better and get back to your routine. However, this isn’t the case if you have a chronic illness. It does not go away as easily, symptoms are very problematic, and it entirely disrupts your life. Some of the ways a chronic disease might impact you include, but aren’t limited, to the following:

  • Excruciating pain
  • Mood disorders
  • Loss of interest
  • Difficult in relationships
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Uncontrolled irritability
  • Poor self-image
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Lowering productivity
  • Physical limitations
  • Morning sickness
  • Loss of control
  • Extreme stress

Chronic illness forces you to withdraw from friends, relatives, and social activities. You get less able to care for yourself, exercise, or carry out other health management pursuits. It affects your physical and emotional self, also financial, since you get less interested in your work. You might need help with many tasks, or maybe a few more. Feelings of uncertainties take control, and ultimately, it starts affecting even your near ones. 

But with a professional touch, you can take over those feelings and build a better pathway to health. If you are seeking help, we are right by your side. At Healing Leaves, we specialize in treating:

  • HTN – Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • DM – Diabetes mellitus
  • HLD – Hypersensitivity Lung Disease
  • Thyroid
  • Autoimmune disorders

If you are facing any of these, make sure you are routinely getting screened, or you can risk your health to other complications. Book an appointment today to understand your health needs.

You Aren’t Your Diagnosis.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” ~ John 10:10

This statement from Jesus, we believe, was meant for all, regardless of their medical diagnosis. You aren’t your diagnosis; you are what God made you. He came so you could have an abundant life. You have this life, irrespective of your joys and sorrows, to cherish abounding fullness of strength bodily, spiritually, and from the soul.

Always remember, we are the stewards of God’s blessings. God’s priority isn’t wealth; the abundant life God promises us is when you can love yourself and those around you. It is a life full of God’s grace and sharing peace, kindness, and faith.

At Healing Leaves, our specialists believe that abundant life is based on an individual’s total well-being. A life that feels whole and happy. Even in the toughest of times, he has plans you cannot interpret. So, the journey to healing starts with believing in yourself and him. You are unique, treasured, and important, but just with a medical diagnosis, which ultimately makes you distinct.

The medical diagnosis is a slice of the wonderful pie called life. It is a part of your life, and you don’t entirely depend on it. 

Sure, you may feel disappointed knowing you have something that doesn’t cure but don’t get stuck emotionally. If you have a condition that cannot be treated, you also have caregivers who can help you with the steps to feel better every step of the way with approaches that could be unknown to you.

If you feel we can help, contact us right away. We are based out of Rowlett, TX, and also serve patients from around. We will work with you one-on-one to identify and relieve suffering in a holistic way.

Connect with us and learn how integrative medicine can help you heal inside out.

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