Bacterial Vaginosis

If you look at Google searches, the condition is more prevalent than any other vaginal infection.

Every one in three women gets bacterial vaginosis between the age of 15 and 49. It is the most common vaginal infection for women of childbearing age. To your surprise, it isn’t a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

If you look at Google searches, the condition is more prevalent than any other vaginal infection. It is sad to see that bacterial vaginosis (BV) is so common, yet no one wants to talk about it, probably why they are all looking for answers online.

It is okay to get your knowledge from the internet, but sometimes you might just have to see a specialist. There are incredible ways to prevent and treat BV. And no – BV isn’t to be confused with a yeast infection; however, both are part of the normal flora.

At Healing Leaves PLLC, we believe that your body has the power to heal itself no matter what. If you have tried all methods yet see no relief, allow us to help you get BV-free.

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What Is Bacterial Vaginosis?

BV is a vaginal infection that occurs due to a decrease in your vagina’s healthy bacterial called lactobacillus, upsetting the natural balance of your vagina. Unlike a yeast infection where the vaginal pH goes low, BV raises the vaginal pH allowing pathogens to thrive.

If left untreated, it can lead to several other health risks. Also, it is common for BV to come back. If that happens, and you have been receiving care by the capable team at healing leaves, see us again. We might suggest you another effective treatment or extend your current plan for some more time.

Is Bacterial Vaginosis Concerning?

Bacterial vaginosis isn’t dangerous but certainly disturbing. That unusual discharge, constant itching, odor, and the inability to get sexually active with as much passion as before can feel frustrating. At our office, we mostly see women in their reproductive years encounter some stage of BV but also get back to health with proper care and a positive mindset. No matter how sick you are, if you are mentally healthy, it does show up on the body’s ability to heal.

What Causes Bacterial Vaginosis?

The actual cause of bacterial vaginosis remains unknown and isn’t entirely understood. However, certain things and activities put you at the risk of contracting BV or worsening the situation.

  • Multiple sexual partners is a risk factor for BV
  • Not using protective measures
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Douching can also be risky as it disrupts the good bacteria in the vagina
  • Letting sanitary pads or tampons sit for too long
  • Using deodorant sprays unsuitable for your vagina
  • Not maintaining intimate hygiene

All such disruptions can be enough to trigger infections. Minimizing the triggers means you will remain healthier and can avoid risks at a later stage.

What Are the Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis?

Symptoms can vary from mild to severe to nothing at all. If you have had a vaginal infection before, the symptoms of BV might look similar. A Healing Leaves specialist can help determine whether or not what you have is BV. If you do, here are a few symptoms you might see:

  • Thin, white, gray, or green discharge
  • Itching or burning sensation
  • Foul and fishy odor after getting intimate
  • Stomach pain or pain around the vagina

It is important to treat BV as it increases your chances of getting HIV, gonorrhea, herpes, and chlamydia. At Healing Leaves, we have treated several such cases, and we can treat you too. In no case should you try and self-treat your symptoms or they can get worse and take much longer to heal. Let a compassionate and professional healthcare provider help you.

Experiencing BV symptoms? See a Healing Leaves specialist right away.

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

An expert usually examines you through a swab test, a vaginal assessment and checks if an STD may be causing it. You may or may not need comprehensive treatment if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or do not show any symptoms. BV does sometimes vanish from your system with time, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle. But, if you have signs and/or are pregnant or breastfeeding, doctors can suggest a course of antibiotics and other necessary medications.

Good Health Starts from Within!

A good bit of advice to all the ladies out there – clean up your diet. Even in the advanced stages, you can do a lot more good to your body than you think. Eating and drinking your nutrients is essential to get rid of BV. Have ample amounts of green leafy vegetables, healthy soups, and get all the colors on your plate. Eat nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, pumpkin, guards, sweet potatoes, and keep up with these until you are BV-free. Some of these can also be your newfound nutritional diet once you recover.

All in all, believe in yourself and heal yourself. Good health starts from within. Make sure you eat well, sleep well, exercise, and never disrespect your body’s potential to heal by itself. 

Besides, intimate hygiene must be an unforgotten ritual of your daily life. Practicing self-discipline, restricting your sexual partners, regular checkups, and changing your birth control methods are some advanced ways to prevent the chances of having bacterial vaginosis.

More than three episodes of BV need an immediate diagnosis, and your treatment can last longer. But you will certainly be relieved from repeated episodes.

Preparing For Your Appointment

Make sure you schedule your appointment with us on a day when you aren’t on your period so that the caregiver can analyze your vaginal discharge without the intervention of menstrual discharge. What you can do on your level is ask questions, discuss your case as much as possible, and remain mentally prepared.

List your symptoms, medications, supplements, and lifestyle changes to ensure you get the best treatment. Carry a notepad or any electronic device to take notes during your visit. Ask if your partner needs to be tested, what medication you will receive, and any special instructions to keep in mind.

Besides, your caregiver might ask if you noticed an odor, used a hygiene spray, tried an OTC medication, your recent sexual encounter, whether or not you are pregnant, etc. Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts, but also be prepared for the questions your doctor asks.

See a Healing Leaves Specialist Today

Healing Leaves physicians analyze your complete health, carry out deeper diagnostics, and provide personalized care. We work on gaining complete insight into the individual you are and the healing potential your body has. All our consultations are confidential, and we promise to be with you through each step of your recovery. However, we also recommend patients maintain an OBGYN for complete assistance.

Connect with us and learn how integrative medicine can help you heal inside out.

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