Do you suffer from allergies? Well, a lot of us do. People sneeze, their eyes water, the skin feels inflamed, and even your favorite food appears toxic.

Do you suffer from allergies? Well, a lot of us do. People sneeze, their eyes water, the skin feels inflamed, and even your favorite food appears toxic. What is the world’s response to allergies? TV, web, and print commercials advise you to buy certain drugs, go on particular diets, and spend heaps of money on products that can protect you from allergies or at least the triggers.

These can temporarily stop running nose, clear your breathing, overcome scars, and make a whole lot of promises to alleviate your symptoms. But do they offer a remedy for the problems lying deep down in the root? Is there a solution that targets the depth and not just focuses on treating what’s on the outside?

At Healing Leaves PLLC, we try to do just that. We are your compassionate and trustworthy caregivers in Rowlett, TX

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We specialize in biblical-based integrative therapy, combining the practice with functional, holistic, and restorative medicine to treat not just allergies but aches, infections, chronic conditions, insomnia, smoking cessation, and hormonal imbalances.

Our experts can address various health concerns, all tailored to individual needs for restoring complete well-being. We aim not sensitivities.

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In simple terms, an allergy is the reaction of your immune system against several foreign substances. It is your body’s response to ordinarily harmless substances. The symptoms can be mild to life-threatening. Besides, the treatment can include decongestants, antihistamines, topical nasal sprays, and immunotherapy. You can be suggested a combination of prescription as well as over-the-counter medications. The procedure can also include a change in diet and lifestyle.

Allergies can arise in response to several substances, also called allergens or invaders. These may include:

  • Certain foods
  • Insect bites
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Molds
  • Latex
  • Medications
  • Animal fur or dander

However, not everyone gets allergies. Often, people inherit the tendency to be allergic. Your body sees the otherwise harmless invader as an unsafe substance and makes antibodies to fight these. While doing so, the body releases histamines that ultimately lead to allergy-related symptoms.

See a specialist if your symptoms last for more than a week or keep coming back quite often. An immunologist or an allergy specialist can suggest a test to diagnose the type of allergens causing discomfort. The specialist will recommend the type of examination necessary and detail further steps to manage your condition.

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Today, the number of people contracting allergies is rising across all ages, sex, and geographical locations. Whether or not these are inherent, environmental and emotional factors also come to play in determining one’s health condition.

It is true you cannot cure allergies. But proper management techniques can help you in the long run. We believe that God heals you through your faith. It takes a little work, and miracles happen because people believe and do not doubt. Disbelievers are like the waves of a sea, going all left and right, never in the correct direction.

With God, you can overcome allergies. Healing either comes immediately, or it comes with time. The way forward may be challenging or straightforward, but never impossible. You have to learn to trust yourself, your caregivers, and the Lord himself to treat your ailment.


Allergies hurt you both physically as well as spiritually, and these may not always be outwardly obvious. You might not struggle to talk, see, think, or walk. You may also not be a wheelchair user, and so you downplay your suffering, choosing to feel the pain silently.

Struggling with allergies can be a constant, life-dominating trial that impacts the whole individual. You learn to relearn even the simplest acts of everyday living to alleviate your intolerances.

Holidays or work gatherings feel overwhelming.

Researching diet and lifestyle changes take a lot of trial and error.

Medical tests consume a whole lot of money.

Besides, friends and family members get reluctant to invite those with severe allergies.

Eventually, you start cutting off all ties as everything feels compromised. It is an invisible struggle that leaves you feeling disabled, but a professional can help you regain your true self.

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Allergies expose you to unique vulnerabilities each day and with every encounter. When your physical body is compromised, your soul gets affected. The fear of others’ opinions about your state of health can either have you withdraw from social engagements or make a harsh defense towards them.  

But remember, the mind, body, and spirit are not separate. Your body is your best friend, and it tells you the truth as literally as possible. When you suffer mentally, it shows up on the outside, and when your body suffers, it creates an imbalance in your body and soul connection. Your emotional build-up and pre-programming often from childhood traumas or unresolved challenges affect your well-being.

Stress and anxieties cannot particularly get you allergic to different substances. However, these can certainly worsen your allergic reaction by increasing the histamine levels in your bloodstream.

So when you accept your state and feel your pains and discomforts, the body automatically starts to free from that negativity. If you fail to listen to the messages your body is trying to convey, the communication gets hard and becomes the manifestation of ill health. 

So, your soul needs a way out to get back to harmony, and we can help you with that.

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At healing leaves, we aim to treat the individual the Lord created. We take the time to understand you, your health needs, and what works and doesn’t work for you. You can expect to receive a detailed medical form before your visit, enabling us to learn about you before coming to the consultation.

We want every interaction with you to be meaningful, complete, and hassle-free. Allergies can be treated with traditional medicine as well as with conventional approaches. Check out our services and pricing for better assistance on our patient care procedures. 

You can also call us on (469) 344-8527  and discuss your queries before visiting us. We specialize in Scripture MeditationHolistic MedicineFunctional Medicine, and Restorative Medicine. Patients from Dallas-Fort Worth, El PasoHoustonLubbock, and San Antonio believe in our practice. You can too, and unlock your body’s potential to heal itself.

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